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Runs: 740 kilometres | Province: Northern Cape

The KhoiKhoi community of the Northern Cape call this river Nossob which, in their native language, simply means ‘black river’. Covering an impressive distance of 740 kilometres, this dry river bed crosses the border between eastern Namibia and the Kalahari region of South Africa and Botswana. The source of the river can be traced back to the Otjihavera mountains, east of the Namibian capital. The river course passes the settlements of Leonardville and Aranos to arrive at Union’s End in South Africa. From there the river bed, forming the Botswana border, meanders through the Kgalagadi Tranfrontier Park for a distance of over 200 kilometres. It reaches the southern boundary of the game reserve just north of the Twee Rivieren Camp, near its confluence with the Auob River. It continues and, about 50 kilometres south of Twee Rivieren, the Nossob empties into the Molopo River at about 890 metres above sea level.

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