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Runs: 692 kilometres | Province: Eastern Cape

A typical technique for targeting Yellowfish and moggel in these waters is upstream nymphing. This entails using 5/6 weight rod with a floating line and a nine foot leader. Attach a strike indicator to the top of your leader and a weighted fly at the point of the leader. The heavier fly will bounce along the bottom of the river bed while the un-weighted fly will hover just off the bottom as if dislodged from the rocks. That is how fishermen have been fishing in the Great Fish River since time immemorial. It was sometime in the late 1840s when one Joao Infante, the captain of one of the caravels of Bartolomeu Dias, made a visit to the river which had been a site of some well-documented ship wrecks. For many years the river went by the name Rio do Infante. The remains of the vessels Catherine and Justina can still be seen by divers on the floor of the Great Fish River. Running 692 kilometres through the Eastern Cape province, the river empties into the Indian ocean in a scenic paradise known as the Sunshine Coast in Port Elizabeth.

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